Spirit Guides us to you!

How can we assist you with your metaphysical ritualistic practices? We are here for you, no matter what path you are on. As above as below so within so without as the universe so the soul. We believe in multiple paths to recovery, faith and common-unity. We have the intent of being a family shop that does not sell you spirituality, but provides you tools to support it. We want to be the change, we want to see in the world. Women owned and family operated. All though we want to always provide you the best online experience possible. We highly suggest that you visit our Milwaukee WI location in person. We are a staple in the city of Milwaukee. Our store is an amazing experience. We have over 30 local vendor and over 10 local healers and seers. We are supported by a huge loving community. So, we provided this online store to serve that community that resides outside of the stores location. We never intended to start a online store until we were guided to do so by our customers to provide basic essentials. Our store provides so much more. We thank you so much for your support.

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All natural Crystals/Stones

We ethically source all of our Crystals with the most respect.  Every... 

Tumbled Crystals/Stones

Tumbled Stones are 100% all natural ,just not in shape. Polished in...