Facilitators & Seers

Kevin Sklander - Crystal Ball Mediumship


Kevin Sklander

Milwaukes’s own Crystal Ball Reader & Medium - What kevin does: House Cleansings - Limpias - Past life regression - Intuitive Classes - Mediumship Classes - Intuitive Readings - Call to book a session @ Altered State of Mind ~ 262-412-3737 2681 s. Kinnickinic Ave.


Misty Moon Astrology


Misty Moon


Natal Astrologer and Tarot Guiding you in discovering your potential and purpose through your birth chart. The formation of the sky at your birth holds very specific information about who you are and what you’re meant for. The birth chart captures the story of your life using specific placements of the luminaries and planets. Misty offers introductory birth chart analysis as well as customized sessions illuminating areas such as your spiritual life, love potential, career and money, relationship compatibility, fate, and soul purpose. She offers tarot and oracle divination as well. Visit her website down below for more info…


Mystic Void Tarot


Jamie Lee


Hi, I’m Jamie!! I like to work along side of my clients to help them come into alignment with their souls purpose and achieve happiness, inner peace, gratitude and contentment. I see the tarot as a road map to follow to get to a desired outcome. I see it changing lives and opening minds every day and it’s a great joy to watch. I am gentle yet direct. Expect a constructive experience!! We will work together to identify your blockages, shed light on your shadows, and get you thinking about the things that matter. I offer single readings and also couples readings. I look forward to working with you. Im also reading at Altered State of Mind, on selected days Email: Mysticvoidtarot@gmail.com


Deb Voith - Tarot, Palmistry & Rootwork


Deb Voith


Welcome Deborah Voith is our beloved elder of Root workings and ceremonial shamanic Witch. Offering insights, clarity, and teachings. Deb's business offers Magick services and craft work for people all over the country. She has written plenty of books and plain out really knows her sh*+. She's been reading Tarot & Palmistry for a long time. Offering her services at Altered State Of Mind. Teaching classes for witchcraft, Root work, and much more. Deborah and her sister Sharon provide Reiki, Soul Retrieval, past life readings, and more. Book a good straight forward loving reading with her! You won't regret it. Don't forget we sell her fixed candles and spell oils.


Sharon Blandino - Shamanic Witch Healer


Sharon Blandino 


Sharon Blandino Is one of our beloved elders here. Highly trained Reiki master and soul retrieval coach. Walking people through life to heal. Past Life readings to catch up on our souls karmic evolution. Sharon teaches traditional witchcraft, root work and ceremonial Magick with her sister here at Altered State Of Mind and also sells her Fixed candles, plus spell oils. Join her for your next Reiki session or soul retrieval healing session. The community just loves her!